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Web3 Report 2024

The Current State of Web3 in the KSA 

July 2024

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This report aims to provide a thorough analysis of the current state, opportunities, and challenges within Saudi Arabia's rapidly evolving Web3 landscape, attracting the attention of investors, entrepreneurs, and industry professionals alike.

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Key Chapters



Saudi Arabia, with its young and technologically-inclined population, presents a highly promising market for Web3 technologies.


Why Saudi Arabia is Great Market for Web3

Innovation and technological advancement are drawing global attention to the Middle East, particularly Saudi Arabia.


Web3 Ecosystem in Saudi Arabia

The Web3 ecosystem in Saudi Arabia is small but promising. We have identified the key players driving growth in this sector: Web3-native founders launching startups, investors and developers funding Web3 innovation, and government entities involved in Web3 development.


Opportunities for Startups, Corporates and Investors in KSA's Web3 sector

Potential sectors that Web3 innovators can grow in Saudi Arabia. Recommendations to unlock more growth in the Web3 Sector in KSA.



The Web3 ecosystem in KSA holds potential for driving innovation, economic growth, and investment opportunities.

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